Assertion & Reason! An easy way to solve!

What is Assertion? & What is Reason?

✍”Assertion”means statement and the “Reason” means the explanation to that statement. “In other way Assertion is claim and Reason is fact” This is one of the important part of verbal reasoning. You may face this type of question in your entrance test or say in your interview etc. In #loksewa exam these type of question is common these day.

Why this type of question being asked?

✍Simple answer to this question is to check your concept clarity.So conceptually if you are strong then it won’t take more than 10 second to find the right alternative.

How many alternative will be given in the question?

✍There Will be 4/5 alternative for the assertion(A)and reason(R) and you will have to choose right alternative from the following:

A) Both A & R , are true & R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A&R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

C) A is true but R is false

D) A is false but R is true

E) Both A & R are false

How to find the right alternative?

✍ The first step is “Read the statement and try to understand whether the statement is true or false. If both the statement is true, then we need to consider only  option (A) and (B) for right answer. Now we have to choose one from the option (A) & (B). Now question may arise how to choose right answer…for that you can try this method…

{Write your Assertion statement} is true because {Write your reason statement}

and see if that makes sense, if that makes sense then your answer will be option(A) and vice versa.

Example: following are the some example on assertion and reason. You can try solving on the basis of clue given above: PSC Model question for Adhikrit(Officer) 3rd level…

Q:In the following question , two statements are given , the first one is called ‘Assertion’ and another is called ‘Reason’ . Regarding the statement given in the question , choose the right answer on basis of the following codes.

Assertion (A): DNA finger printing has been reliable means to find out the criminals determining paternity , murder and rape.

Reason (R): Remaining evidence such as hair , saliva , sperm, etc. Found during the spot investigation, are sufficient for DNA analysis .

A) Both the ‘Assertion’ and ‘Reason’ are right and ‘Reason’ is the correct explanation of the ‘Assertion’.

B) Both the ‘Assertion’ and ‘Reason’ are right and the ‘Reason’ is not the correct explanation of the ‘Assertion’.

C) ‘Assertion’ is right but the ‘Reason’ is wrong.

D) ‘Assertion’ is wrong but the ‘Reason’ is right.

Do share your understanding about solving this type question, Take a moment to answer this question, leave your reply below! Thank you!


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