Functions of #NRB! Key Point to remember!

Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB) is the central bank of Nepal. This post is only about main key Point which is necessary to remember for the banking examination in Nepal.
NRB Establishment: 1956…

NRB Act:1955

New NRB Act : 2002

Key Objective of NRB:

1) Price and BoP stability

2) Liquidity management

3) Financial stability

4) Develop sound payment system

5) Promote financial service
Five major function of NRB:

1) Money Supply: Replacement/Issue of notes, Economic growth, Deficit Budget.

2) Monetary Policy: CRR,SLR,BR,OMO

3) Supervision & Regulation: 

CB supervision department, DB supervision department, finance company supervision department, MFI supervision department…

Types of supervision:

1) On site supervision

2) Off- site supervision(early warning)

3) Case based supervision/Special support

4) FX Rules & regulations

5) Clearing House.

I hope you understand those short name which are used above incase If you encounter any problem in understanding any of short name please let’s us know though comment box. Thank you!


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