THT Editorial 27 December 2016: #Vocabulary Builder

Dear reader, today we have started a new category in our blog on editorial analysis and vocabulary building. The reason behind starting this category is enhance vocab which is essential in preparation various competitive examination. If you are preparing for #loksewa examination then this might be useful post for you, Focus made to improve #ELCT (English Language Competency Test). Here is few words collected from editorial post (EDITORIAL: Shocking scenario) of The Himalayan Times on 27 December 2016.

Respiratory Ailments: श्वसन रोगहरु, स्वास सम्बधी रोगहरू

Haphazard: disorganized , lacking any obvious principle of organization.

Pavements become muddy: फुटपाथ मैलो हुनु

Commute : (यात्रा गर्नु )travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis

Alarming: (खतरनाक),Hazardous खतरनाक, संकटमय, जोखिमभरा, जोखिमी, जोखिम वाला perilous: खतरनाक, जोखिम, भयहेतुक खतरनाक parlous संकटपूर्ण, खतरनाक, जोखिम का Riskful भयपूर्ण या जोखिम से भरा हुआ, खतरनाक, अनुचित squint-eyed खतरनाक, परद्रोही

Dust particles and emission of mono-carbon from old vehicles: धूलो कणहरु र पुरानो गाडी बाट मोनो-कार्बन को उत्सर्जन

The vehicles belching smoke: वाहनहरुले फालेको धुवाँ

Brick-kiln factories : ईंट-भट्ठाको कारखानाहरु

Densely populated : घाना आबादी

Commuting risks : आउने -जोखिम

Pedestrians:पैदल यात्री

Fading: ओइलाउनु

Tragic: दुःखद

Avert(ed): to avoid टालनू

To Read this Editorial Clik Here


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