THT Editorial Analysis,Vocab Builder!(28th Dec 2016)

aaHere is the few important word for vocab builder, collected from today’s news paper The Himalyan Times. It’s a Editorial post!

NOTE: If you want to read Editorial Article Of The Himalyan Times, you can buy today’s paper or you can read it online click on the image on the right side to enlarge and read it out!

Severity: the fact or condition of being severe.तीव्रता, कठोरता, कठिनता, क्रूरता, सख़्ती

Envisaged:Envisaged, Presumed परिकल्पित, उल्लिखित

Pouring:  खन्याउनु

Adolescents: किशोरों, synonyms: teenager, youngster, young person, youth, boy, girl, juvenile, minor, teen,


Remedial Measures: सुधारात्मक उपाय

Partaking: सह-भागिता

In Earnest: व्यग्र मा, adv: earnestly, seriously

Concerted Action: ठोस कार्रवाई

Deprived: वंचित


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