#LokSewaAyog rejects the proposal of govt to postpone recruitment for 2 year!

You might have heard about a news that ministry of general administration has proposes to stop recruitment process for the next two years. नया पत्रिका has published this news on 14 Paush 2073.


What does constitutions says about integration of employee? what section 302 says about integration you can read it on image provided on the left side.

Today Same news portal (Naya Patrika) has put headline as #LokSewaAyog has rejected the proposal of government to postpone recruitment process for the next two year! 

Good news for all of you loksewa aspirants, Isn’t it? Great news perhaps.

Hey Hold on a min…but, Do #lokSewaAyog (Public Service commission) has right to reject the suggestion of government to stop recruitment process for the next two year? The answer is clearly no but as  PSC is also a constitutional body, PSC have all the right to suggest the government on issue.

#PSC has sent a letter to Ministry of General Administration suggesting not to stop recruitment process!

#PSC belive that the idea will increase and create unemployment further. The commission also believes that it will create a serious problem among the youth if we stop the recruitment process.

PSC has cited that the proposal submitted by government to stop recruitment process will create implication among all those applicant’s in many way. As #LokSewaAyog is also a constitutional body, it has all the right to give suggestion to government.

Though, Final decision can be taken by government only, It’s very much likely that recruitment process will not be postpone. 

Have a nice preparation, All the best to all of  lokSewa aspirant! Good Luck!


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