​पृथ्वीनारायण शाह सम्बन्धि केही जानकारी! #लोकसेवा!

जन्म: बिसं १७७९ पुष २७
राज्यारोहण: बिसं १७९९
कीर्तिपुर विजय : बिसं १८२२ आश्विन
काठमाण्डौ र पाटन विजय: बिसं १८२५,

भक्तपुर विजय: बिसं १८२६ माघ १



5 Imp question for #NaSu(Answer Included)!

Try to solve this five question and match your answer given below, let us know how many you got the right answer. If you have any doubt on answer you can use comment box  to ask your doubt and query. All the best!  Here we go to the question…Read More »

Ten Imp. Question on World Wetlands Day! #loksewa

  1. What is the theme for world wetlands day 2017?
  2. What was the theme for world wetlands day 2016?
  3. When did the first world wetlands day celebrated ?
  4. Which country has the most of the wetlands in the world?
  5. How much percentage of wild life rely on wetlands globally?
  6. How much area (in percentage) covered by wetlands on the earth?
  7. Which day is celebrated as world wetlands day?
  8. How many site has been designated from Nepal as wetlands in Ramsar list?
  9. Which is the latest site designated as wetlands in Ramsar list?
  10. How much area covered by wetlands in Nepal?

    These are ten important question on #wetlands this can be useful in your upcoming competitive examination like #loksewa. Leave your answer through the comment box below.

    India Awards Anuradha Koirala with Padma Shri!

    Anuradha Koirala today as on 25 jan 2017AD(12, Magh, 2073 BS) she has been awarded Padma Shri by the government of India.The announcement for Padma awards was made on the eve of India’s Republic Day by the government of India each year. She has been awarded for her exemplary social work.

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    Growth Projection for Nepal by IMF,WB & ADB!

    International Monetary fund (IMF) has came up with it’s growth projection for this fiscal year 2016/17

    👉Growth projection for Nepal by IMF for current FY is 5.5%.

    👉Growth projection for Nepal by World Bank for current FY is 5%

    👉Growth projection for Nepal by Asian Development Bank for current FY is 4.8%

    👉Growth target of Nepal by Government  for current FY 6.5%

    👉Growth rate in FY 2013/14  5.1%

    #LokSewaAyog rejects the proposal of govt to postpone recruitment for 2 year!

    You might have heard about a news that ministry of general administration has proposes to stop recruitment process for the next two years. नया पत्रिका has published this news on 14 Paush 2073.Read More »

    अमेरिका को राष्ट्रपति सम्बन्धि १० प्रश्न उतर सहित! #लोकसेवा उपयोगी, शेयर गर्नुहोला!

    1. डोनाल्ड ट्रम्फ अमेरिका को राष्ट्र पति को रुपमा कहिले निर्वाचित भएका थिए?
    2. डोनाल्ड ट्रम्फ ले सन् २०१६ को  राष्ट्र पति को चुनावमा कति मत पाएका थिए?
    3. हिलारी क्लिन्टन ले सन् २०१६ को  राष्ट्र पति को चुनावमा कति मत पाएका थिए ?
    4. डोनाल्ड ट्रम्फ अमेरिका को कतिऔ राष्ट्र पति हुन् ?
    5. डोनाल्ड ट्रम्फ अमेरिका को राष्ट्र पति को रुपमा शफत ग्रहण कहिले भयो?
    6. अमेरिका को राष्ट्र पति को रुपमा ओबामा को कार्यकाल कहिले पुरा भयो ?
    7. ओबामा को पुरा नाम के हो ?
    8. ओबामा अमेरिका को कतियौ राष्ट्र पति थिए ?
    9. अमेरिका को पहिलो राष्ट्र पति को थिए ?
    10. अब्राहम लिंकन अमेरिका को कतिऔ राष्ट्र पति थिए ?

    उत्तर :————————👇👇

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    अन्तरिक्ष तथा अन्तरिक्ष यात्री सम्बन्धि केहि जानकारी! #लोकसेवा!

    apollo_17_cernan_on_moonचन्द्रमा टेक्ने अन्तिम मानव: Eugene Cerman

    पूरा नाम : Eugene Andrew Cerman

    नागरिक : US(अमेरिका)

    जन्म र जन्म स्थान : 14 मार्च 1934, Chicago

    चन्द्रमा यात्रा : 2 पटकRead More »

    Quiz on SAARC Part I: Adhikrit(Officer) 3rd level, NASU, Kharidar

    Hello all, We have created this short quiz for all of you who is preparing for the loksewa examination. If you are preparing for Adhikrit(officer) 3rd level then you must try this small quiz on SAARC it includes only seven question.Take this exam and see your score , Hope you will secure 100 out of 100 marks! Good luck!Read More »